Photos Added 9/15

We have posted the results of the Track Meet and created two photos albums (“Galleries”)

Track Meet 2008 Results

One Mile

Heat 1

1Kevin Forde4:31
2Neill Clark4:50
3Dwayne Brown5:06
4Kevin Gruenfeld5:12
5Bryant Nix5:13
6Pete Michener5:14
7Chris Morris5:17
8William Burnett5:30
9Mark Bond5:58
10Rob Kafes6:00

Heat 2

1Alex Ochman4:52
2Tom Yunker5:36
3Russ Carstens5:40
4Ray Whittaker5:52
5Robin Ochman6:02
6Seb Sawyer6:03
7Polly Jansen6:04
8Chantal Remé6:34

3000 Meters

1Michael Daigeaun9:31
2Jeff Hayes9:39
3Alex Ochman9:49
4Phil Ranly10:30
5Chris Morris11:29
6Tom Jennings12:09
7Ken Longo17:17

400 Meters

Heat 1

1Jordan May0:55:68
2Michael Wall1:07:00
3Marcus Lilley1:07:49
4Rob Kafes1:11:03
5Christina Peteraf1:11:12
6Stephanie Young1:11:40
7Shanley Rassler1:11:59
8Bruce Gilbert1:26:02

Heat 2

1AJ Lofton1:14:54
2Leslie Alston1:17:54
3Monica Smith1:20:24
4Jameraquai May1:31:10
5William Smith1:36:53
6Jasmine White1:57:64
7Thomas Lofton2:04:86

5000 Meters

1Chuck Shields16:44
2Tom Janofsky16:54
3Ted Trocky16:57
4Jeremy Adler17:22
5Daniel Corredor17:58
6Steve Jaconetti18:12
7Bob Reynolds18:19
8Chris Carroll18:33
9Bryant Nix18:49
10Mike Halpern18:57
11Tom Jennings20:52

800 Meters

Heat 1

1Neill Clark2:16
2X Lavine2:22
3Ray Whittaker2:34
4Tom Yunker2:34
5William Burnett2:36
6Zach Wall2:37
7Marcus Lilley2:48
8Rob Kafes2:51
9Shanley Rassler2:53

Heat 2

1Chris Morris2:28
2Jordan May2:41
3Monica Smith2:50
4William Smith2:53
5Robin Ochman2:55
6Seb Sawyer2:55
7AJ Lofton3:22
8Bruce Gilbert3:27
9Jameraquai May3:31
10Jasmine White
11Kenneth Riggs


Track Meet Photos #1

(photos in this set by Pam Ferreira)

Track Meet Photos #2

Track Meet Photos #3


Click here to view Scott Spitzer’s Flickr photo album, consisting mostly of the Back on My Feet crew.







If you have photos you would like to add to the album, please contact Jan Deruiter.