Thanks to Polly for putting together the Broad Street Round-Up. Some 28 Wanderers ran the race. And way to go Helen and Bob!

The Wanderers made a fantastic showing at this year’s Broad Street 10-miler on May 4, 2008. Here is a list of the participants & their Chip times:



Helen Cheung1:02:32 Leslie Turchetti2:17:28
Tammy Leigh DeMent1:30:17 Melanie Wright2:16:08
Brian McKenna1:32:04 Rich Greifer1:29:02
Dennis Crowne1:38:40 Jim Trainor2:11:05
Susan Hurrey1:15:53 Chris Verry1:03:18
Megan Boyle1:27:20 Polly Jansen1:07:43
Matt Mauren1:16:33 Ken Evans1:41:48
Phil Ranly58:44 Anita Zalewski1:43:17
Josh Dennis1:08:27 Erik Johnson1:08:03
Dan Rosenberg1:13:18 Harvey Schmidt1:21:55
Matt Joosse1:00:55 Chris Morris1:08:57
Liza Kahle1:35:27 Paul Hines1:03:51
Kylie Costello1:28:54 Cynthia Heard1:26:11
Bob Reynolds59:49 Coach Pamela MacElree1:51:57


Congratulations to Helen Cheung who earned a nice piece of hardware finishing 1st in the F 30-34 division! Bob Reynolds finished an impressive 2nd in the M 50-54 division. Also, congrats to Coach Pam for running her first Broad Street like a champ after losing the pull-up bet to Susan “The Great One” Hurrey!

Thanks to everyone who came for the post-race tailgate party at FDR Park. We had great weather & a terrific time! Great job everyone!