Below are the results of the first of the Fall 2009 Trail Series. Results compiled by Bob Reynolds (thank you!)

Alex Ochman13:12:001
Chris Moore13:42:002
Chris Weisbrot13:49:003
Chris Verry14:27:004
Pete Michener14:32:005
Doug Dubrosky15:04:006
Chris Linn15:11:007
Rob Lange15:39:008
Polly Jansen (F-1)15:54:009
Noah AnStraus16:11:0010
Mike K.16:21:0011
Fred Kenny16:37:0012
Helen Cheung (F-2)17:17:0013
Rober Kafes17:48:0014
Ken Evans18:12:0015
Corbin Evans18:12:0016
Seth Dubrosky19:17:0017
Jennifer Lewandowski (F-3)19:52:0018
Basil Dubrosky21:58:0019
Lisa Franciotti22:33:0020
Mike Dogres22:33:0021
Julie Tripson22:33:0022
Jackie Eokind24:42:0023
Lisa Rowles25:33:0024
Richard Greifer26:02:0025
Rich Lippold26:02:??26
Cee Heard???27
Tammy Leigh DeMent???28
Susan Hurrey???29
Beth Auman???30
Nikki Kimball???31
Caroline L.???32