(Photos and results below)

The September 24  race wrapped up a successful trail race season…no injuries, no runners lost in the Wissahickon, no downpours or thunderstorms.   Louis Secreto and Alex Ochman split the spoils each winning two of the races in September.

Special recognition also goes to eight-year-old Seth Dubrosky who finished three of the races and was the youngest runner ever to compete in the series since it was started six or seven years ago.  There were a number of new faces at the trail series, and we hope to see much more of them.

Doug Dubrosky and Alex Ochman designed the last two races.

Here is Doug’s field report:

Results from 9/24 race (course ~4 miles set up by Doug Dubrosky). Approximate times and finishing order…

1Alex29:0214Mike Kulakowski35:35
2Louis Secreto29:3315Jan Deruiter38:02
3Pete Michener30:0216Fred Kenney39:58
4Mark31:0017Rachel Napolitano41:27(from Cleveland here on vacation discovered the race on the internet)
5Chris Wedbrot32:01
6Noah Shusterman32:0418Corbin Evans41:27
7Chris Verry32:2719Seth Dubrosky44:15(youngest finisher 8 years old)
8Helen Cheung32:4020Beth + 145:00
9Chris Linn34:1321Emily Hurley49:09
10Suzanne34:3522Lauren Brown49:09
11Rob34:3523Tammy Lee49:09
12Ryan Mitchell34:3524Petra49:09
13Erik Johnson34:4025Richard49:45

I apologize for anybody who’s times I might have missed (Rob Kates, James Trainor, Ken Evans…). Timing races is obviously not my forté. There were many other participants whose names and times weren’t recorded (Dubrosky takes full responsibility).

Several folks had enough sense to take the forbidden drive shortcut back after mile 3 (Polly) and these times were not recorded here. I would estimate there were about 45 participants total.

Alex reports that Louis Secreto was first male winner and Polly Jansen was first female at the September 17 race. Further information might be forthcoming. “I have results somewhere, most likely bundled up in my backpack,” Alex noted in his field report. “I will look through my bag and find them.

Fall Series 4/4 Photos (Taken by The Great One)