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Aquawoman Triumphs Über Alles!!

Petra reports from Germany

After hiding and training in secret places in Lippetal, Germany, I can now send you some victorious messages.

Let's start with a swimming event on 26. January 2008. I raced in the 100m freestyle, 25m diving and 8*50m relay team. I did as well as can be expected of a Wanderer. I also participated in a individual medley race but was DQ'ed (non-compliant premature turn): at least that was the official reason. I suspect, however, that the judges were unwilling to let me have all the first prizes.  

More swimming: I joined the DLRG, the German rescue swimmer society, and I am undergoing strenuous training as a rescue swimmer. In May I will lend my glamour to a good cause. I will be on Patrol as a Life Guard at the German North Sea Shore (think Baywatch). You also may have the chance to see me on TV during the Championship of Masters Rescue Swimmers in Weerner, Niedersachsen, in the beginning of May.

My team and I qualified for the event through races in January and February 2008. But I am not forgetting about my Wanderers roots. I participated in several cross country runs. At the 6.6 km cross country run in Soest, Westfalen I placed third overall and first in my age group; complete results here »

I am following your activities on the Wanderers website whenever I get the chance. I wish you luck with your races and am looking forward to joining you again in September.

Petra's Photos

uber 3
The team on Jan 26, 2008 before a meet.

uber 2
And again but showing hardware after the event.

uber 1
DLRG-Team after a qualifying event on Feb 18, 2008

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