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Wanderers Hold Successful Polar Bear Outing
January 4th. 2002

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Jan bin Reuter and Rock Steady convened a meeting of the Wanderers’ polar bear club on January 4 at Fishers Island, N.Y. With water temperatures estimated in the high 40’s, the two Wanderers plunged into the ocean off Isabella Beach.

“Very refreshing,” said bin Reuter.

“Compares very favorably with our last polar bear outing this summer in the Arctic Ocean off Baffin Island,” Rock Steady added, referring to the cool down after the Midnight Sun Marathon in July. “There, it was difficult to find a good place to swim between the blocks of ice.”

Following their feat, the two Wanderers were placed under the care of team doctor, Dr. Fay Led Medshule, and were treated for a variety of ailments including sniffles and sore throats.

“These boys were really very silly,” said Dr. Medshule. “They didn’t take the slightest precautions. They didn’t even bring jumper cables with them.”

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