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Cabot Trail Relay Update: Wanderers Rarin' to Go!

Event name:

Cabot Trail Relay


May 25 and 26, 2002


Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia


185 mile/298km

The Wanderers will be traveling the Cabot Trail in style this year in the spacious Lancruiser Super Van, with exterior photo and floor layout shown above. The Wanderers always travel First Class!

The team is set. The preparations have been made. The Wanderers now just have to do some final fine tuning with conditioning and await the starting gun to sound at the 187-mile Cabot Trail Relay. Race director Tad Sperry has once again craftily grafted together local talent with some of the Wanderers more experienced runners to produce what certainly will be a winning team.

With the Cabot Trail Relay still several weeks away, veteran Wayne Hamilton has already been named the Wanderer's top performer in the race….for just getting to the starting line. Beginning in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wayne accompanied by this fan club consisting of wife and daughter will fly into Bangor, Maine where they will drive to the starting line in Baddeck.

"It's an incredible performance," said director Sperry. "And very inspirational for the rest of the team."

The Cabot Trail Relay will be held on May 25 and 26. The Wanderers lineup is as follows:

Leg 01: 17k. wake up run for the Wanderers. Tad Sperry
Leg 02: 18.8k run to the Nova Scotia Picnic Park (No snacking, Pieman!!!) Michele Tulino
Leg 03: 12.5k run to Wreck Cove. Sam Campbell
Leg 04: 20k Wayne Hamilton has a go at Mt. Smokey. Look out for Grimace.
Leg 05: 17k through Ingonish. Renee Lutwick
Leg 06: 18k along the coast. Tony Armson
Leg 07: 13k to the Dingwall Garage. Pieman
Leg 08: 12.4k with a gorgeous view of Sunrise Valley. (No stopping to take pictures!) Duncan MacGuigan
Leg 09: 17.8k up and then down North Mountain. Wet Hen
Leg 10: 14.7k Rock Steady takes on the Purple Piper in a special match race up the slopes of Mt. McKenzie.
Leg 11: 14k with possible viewing of Northern Lights. (Also activate headlamps!) Brian Maurer
Leg 12: 15.7k gallop into Cheticamp (Tim Horton's doughnut shop on the left as you enter town). Patti MacKinnon
Leg 13: 15.9k ramble to Joe's Scarecrow and Diner. David Moltke-Hansen
Leg 14: 20k run to Margaree Harbour. Phil Roach
Leg 15: 15.5k through the Margaree Valley as Day Two of running dawns. Michele again!
Leg 16: 16.3k through the Gravel Pits. Pieman again!
Leg 17: 17.7 kilometers up Hunter's Mountain, sharp left on Swamp Road (Don't get lost!) and across Baddeck Bridge to the finish. Tad again!

Michele Tulino, Tad Sperry, and Pieman Tom Humphrey will be doing double duty for the Wanderers in the race. The relay will also feature a match race up Mt. MacKenzie between Rock Steady and Jim Bousquet of the Georgetown Runners in an attempt to settle a dispute between the two clubs (See latest issue of the Water Stop).


The Wanderers Public Enemy #1 ... The Purple Piper.

"It matters little where we settle this…you are going to get trounced," Mr. Bousquet (who also runs by the name Purple Piper) warned Rock Steady in his latest threatening letter. "Good always triumphs over evil. And dropping hints about your pathetic workout schedule can do nothing to change that."

"I have news for the Purple Piper," snapped back Rock Steady. "I don't think he will be blowing on his pipes for a while once I get through with him. Mt. McKenzie is going to be his Waterloo."

If there was one mistake made in the Wanderers' last trip to Cape Breton, it was not including local talent. (O.K. maybe not packing rain gear was another mistake, and almost getting hypothermia was another.) The Wanderers are not making this mistake again, and have signed on a strong Nova Scotian contingent consisting of Phil Roach, Patti MacKinnon, Renee Lutwick and Tony Armson.

Tad Sperry will be Race Director for the Wanderers on Cape Breton

Also making their debut for the Wanderers will be David Moltke-Hansen and Sam Campbell. Sam will be a major reclamation project for the Wanderers. A former three-hour marathoner, Sam has fallen on running hard times. He has been assigned Duncan MacGuigan and Rock Steady as his mentors for the upcoming race.

"The first thing Sam has to do is to throw away his golf clubs," said Rock.

The technovan will not be making the trip to Cape Breton. Instead, the Wanderers have leased a luxury Lancruiser, complete with stove, refrigerator and a bathroom.

"It's not the Technovan," said driver Dan Gordon. "But it is the next best thing."


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