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Wanderers Catch Soccer Fever
(June 2002)

Long time Wanderers' leader Rock Steady and fellow member Bin Ruiter got together to watch the semi-finals between Turkey and Brazil.

Rock Steady (shown on left with donut in mouth and another in hand) and Deruiter both wore their best outfits for the event embarrassing even the jaded Packy and Sophie. "At first Joop walks in with a really loud red Holland shirt and a hat with fuzzy orange hair, ears and slogans . Screaming Olé, Olehé and all that. Then my Dad goes and gets his Brazilian flag, shirt, socks, hat and stuff." Said Packy "these guys looked like clowns" Sophie added.

Before the Donuts were gone, Brazil had scored and managed to fend off ensuing Turkish attacks. While Bin Ruiter does not like the Brazilian soccer team, he reluctantly rooted for them anyway. "I'm with Packy. If anyone can beat Germany in the finals, it's Brazil" Bin Ruiter said. After it was all over, Rock Steady was found in a near-coma from his Donut-induced sugar-high muttering things like "Ronaldo is a God", "Brazil baby!" and "Holland Sucks".

Unfortunately Rock Steady was on a plane during the World Cup finals. "I can't imagine what these two would have worn for the big one" Sophie said.

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