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Wanderers Return From Successful Recruiting Trip Down Under

Wissahickon Wanderer recruiters scored a coup when they traveled to New Zealand and Australia on a recruiting trip in July. They signed up a new mascot, Toa, for athletic competitions in the Pacific rim countries.

"It’s really too far for Snowy to travel, and Toa is the perfect replacement in these situations," said Rock Steady.

Toa, a Staffordshire terrier, especially impressed the Wanderers during field trials in Queenstown, New Zealand. Toa was taken out by Wet Hen for a 20-minute hike, and he responded by throwing up, and then being put on bed rest for two days. "I think Toa will fit into the Wanderers Organization quite nicely" said Rock Steady.

The Wanderers were not so successful in wooing their other New Zealand prospect, Syd Radcliffe. Recruiters were salivating at the prospect of signing up Syd, who has finished in the top-third of the grueling cross New Zealand (100-miles) race.

However, Syd, as a professional chef, was concerned about the nutritional standards set by the Wanderers. Syd baulked at the Wanderers nutritional program and especially the credentials of team nutritional director, Tom "Pieman" Humphrey. The Pieman's curriculum vitae consists solely of attendance at one nutrition workshop at Fresh Fields grocery store and membership in good standing with both the Dunkin Donuts and the Tim Horton frequent buyer programs (as reported on the Wanderers BBS)

"We’re hoping that Syd will reconsider, but we understand his concern," Rock Steady said.

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