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Phila Biking Scene Shuns Wanderer

Long time Wanderer "Bin Ruiter" caused quite an uproar last Tuesday on the Philadelphia Bicycling scene. Every Tuesday night semi-serious Philadelphia bicyclists gather at the Art Museum for the 34-mile ride.

After the group had struggled their way up the Ridge, Bin Ruiter spotted the ride in progress and decided to tag along. But not only is Bin Ruiter's bike older than many of the riders, he wore a loose, cotton Wanderers Club T-shirt as well as headphones tuned in to his favorite station. Clearly regarded as an eyesore, embarrassment and annoyance to the impeccably outfitted and sociable group, Bin Ruiter stood out from the beginning.

As soon as the group entered the hilly Northwestern Phila suburbs, Bin Ruiter took the lead at the head of the group. After pulling the group up the hills, Bin Ruiter dropped back only to find out that the other riders would not let him in. But rather than descent to the very back of the pack, Wanderer's pride took over and Bin Ruiter decided to go at it alone. From that point on, Bin Ruiter was forced to create and ride in his own (3rd) column besides the very bicyclists that had shunned him. "The joke was on them really" Bin Ruiter said afterwards, "when flying down the hill at 40 mph, it's the guy in the middle that's got reason to feel uncomfortable."

When Bin Ruiter came to Team idol and bicycling legend Paul Molino for a sanity check on the situation, he received little support (even though the Wanderers T's proudly don the Bike Addicts logo on the back). "You can't have idiots wearing headphones in a group environment" said Paul Molino.

For future group rides, Bin Ruiter plans to leave his headphones at home but refuses to be seen riding without his Wanderers uniform. "I think I'll also wear my baggy mountain biking shorts next time and see how that goes over" Bin Ruiter said.

We wish Bin Ruiter luck!

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