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Wanderers Make History at Re-Run for Revolution

The Piper gets fellow
Wanderers pumped up
with some tunes. Photos >

All sorts of records were shattered at the Re-Run for Revolution marathon and half-marathon on May 3.
First, there was the record turnout, six runners, doubling the field of the inaugural Run for Revolution in October. A seventh runner, Pieman, was scratched again from the race. The course followed the Delaware River towpath from above Point Pleasant to Yardley.

Kathy Applegate, Trouble, set a personal best in the marathon. Her longest distance prior to the Re-Run for Revolution marathon was 16 miles. Not only that, Trouble ambushed the Purple Piper and Rock Steady by breaking loose from the peleton and winning the race with a dramatic finishing kick in the last half mile. Her time is believed to have been approximately 5 hours and 22 minutes.

Wanderers review the
course rather than rely on
Rock's directions. Photos >

The Re-run for Revolution was once more a showcase of Canadian good manners. The Purple Piper, a former 3 hour-10 minute marathoner, could have beaten Rock running backwards, but he politiely ran with the pathetic Rock to the finish line, just as Richard "Yichie" Takata did in the October Run for Revolution.

By the 15-mile water stop, they were really to administer last rites to Rock. He looked finished. But then he reached into his food bag for some beef jerkey, and that seemed to do the trick.

"Between the beef jerkey and thinking about the prima donna we have for a president, I ended up having plenty of fuel to make the finish line," Rock said.

Trouble pulls ahead near
the finish line. Photos >

Sanjeev "Turbo" Balhara was another revelation, eclipsing all his previous personal distance marks in the Re-run for Revolution half-marathon. Sanjeev added at least four miles onto his previous best. Snake Bite and Ultrawoman shrugged off the injuries that have plagued them in the last several months and finished in a pack with Turbo at the half marathon line along with the Piper, Trouble and Rock. Considering that Ultrawoman and Snake Bite could hardly walk a month ago, it was an impressive achievement. After a brief celebration following the half marathon, Rock, Trouble and Piper continued on their way for the marathon.

Planning is underway for
October's "Run for Counter
Revolution." Photos >

The race was run under perfect conditions. The day started out cloudy and cool but turned sunny and balmy by afternoon. Fan support was excellent and included some ducklings, sunbathing turtles and mating carp.
Applications are already being accepted for the next Wanderer marathon, the Run for Counter Revolution, to be held in October.

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