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Wanderers Do It All at Philadelphia Marathon

With all the events swirling around this past weekend, it is a little difficult to know where to take up the tale of the Wissahickon Wanderers at the Philadelphia Marathon. After all, there was the water stop, the relay, the Expo, and of course the marathon. However, the story must begin with two Wanderers entering their first marathon. Tony Cafagna and Justin Fogarty not only completed their first marathon, they smoked it. Justin finished in three hours and sixteen minutes, and Tony ripped off a 3:39-minute marathon. These were amazing performances.

No less gallant were the performances of Wanderer veterans Hard Core, Hard Boyle, Scott Quitel and visiting Wanderers Beast of Burden and Richard Gardner. Conditions for the race were deceptive. The sun seemed to beat down harder and harder as the race wore on, and many scenes of suffering were observed out on the course. But these Wanderer foot soldiers persevered. Hard Boyle registered a personal best of 4:12 lopping a generous six minutes off her previous record time. "It hurt like the dickens," Megan wrote in her field report. "Manayunk nearly killed me and I thought I might stroke out 100 yards before the finish. But it was all worth it." Hard Core was robbed of a personal best by a strained calf muscle during the later stages of the race, yet still finished in 4:39, less than 30 seconds off his previous best.

These two runners having completed collectively six marathons this fall have now graduated to the level of Scott Quitel. Scott, a veteran of many Wanderer relay expeditions, has now bagged too many marathons to count. It seems that whenever a marathon is held in the region, Scott is there at the starting line. This year, he finished the Philadelphia marathon in 4:40 minutes.

Beast of Burden and Richard Gardner in their distinctive manner also registered remarkable performances. Richard was black and blue and running with a broken toe after being hit by a car in hometown Syracuse three weeks ago. Most people would still be in bed recuperating, but Richard was out running the Philadelphia Marathon in 4:34. The Beast followed a unique training routine for the Philadelphia Marathon rowing out on the Quinnipiac River in hometown New Haven three times a week, and running maybe once a week. There must be some merit to this preparation because she finished in 4:41.

Polly Jansen brought order out of chaos in organizing the two Wanderer relay legs. One of the teams finished in 3:55, and the results of the other Wanderer team were lost into cyberspace, but I am sure were remarkable. Team One consisted of Kylie, Leslie, Melanie and Stefanie, while Team Two was made up of Polly, Carnage, Brian and Pam.

A lot of hard work was put in at the water stop which was managed with the New Freedom Striders. Bill McClellan and the Striders as usual gave a clinic on how to run a water stop. Many thanks to all Wanderers for sacrificing their Sunday to help out. Also, a special thanks for Jen, Matt, Chris and Leslie who helped out Wanderer West Coast Field Rep John Moore at the table for club sponsor Clif Bar at the marathon Expo. It was great to see John back in town.

Special recogn ition also goes to Matt, Babs, Chris and Leslie who performed so brilliantly for the Wanderers at last week's Harrisburg Marathon, and then returned to put in a full day of support at the Philadelphia Marathon.

Selected pics:

Tony. More photos >>

Megan. More photos >>

Melanie. More photos >>

Dennis. More photos >>

Pat and a 'Strider'. More photos >>



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