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Wanderers Prevail at Chilly Cheeks Trail Race

By Krash Krazy Ass Wendy

Results are located here (Excel spreadsheet)

The First Annual Chilly Cheeks trail run was held this past Sunday on Jan. 21st at 10 am.  Several WW ran it.  I think that the race should be renamed "Tough Cheeks" as we all could have used some on that cold Sunday morning.

We all met at Dan's house and the morning kind of got off to a shaky start and will be most memorable as the Technovan required some technical assistance by its faithful and dedicated owner, Mr. Dan Gordon.  When the Great One went to start her up, the engine would not turn over.  Luckily, Dan knew exactly what to do.  Immediately, Dan went to the back of the van to grab jumper cables which were applied to what we think was the battery and then to what else we are not sure of as another car's battery was no where in sight!  Miraculously, the technovan "jumped" into a roaring start and made a complete and optimal recovery to take the fearless Wissahickon Wanderers to their first trail race in the winter of 2007.  Dan waved us off with a big smile as we backed out of his driveway.

The air was quite cold and biting on arrival.  Thanks to Ms. Susan, some of us followed her where she knew to spy on when Ron Horn would leave the warm zone and enter out to where the race was to start.  The event overall was a rocky rolling 7+ miles that became very chaotic toward the last 2 miles of the race.  Out of the 10 of us there, serious tread and carnage was left on that trail with skid marks mainly left by now known Krash Krazy Ass and Ms. Meagan B.  Ken Evans took a couple spills, however, managed to finish just fine.  Luckily, we all finished and besides sprained toes and bruised knees, other minor complications consisted of blisters and solidified sweaty hair.

Chris and Polly, the first finishers, were faithfully at the top of the muddy hill to watch all of us scramble up to the top to the finish line.  Among the finishers, were Bob Reynolds, Ken Evans, Wendy Stevens, Meagan Boyle, Susan Hurrey, Sharon Tasman, Doug Dubrosky and Irene Nagle!  Bob, Polly, and Irene finished first in their age groups!!!.  A couple others were raffled off mugs with yummy pretzels.  The prizes were nicely done this year and looked like the Holy Grail.

This is a highly recommended event.  And it is always good to have a well prepared team, like OCD Irene, who packed at least 2 weeks worth of stuff in a green duffel bag - "just in case".  Her planning is impeccable.  Next race for Ron Horn is Feb. 25th - The Ugly Mudder - hope to see you all there!!


The resolve of the Wanderers was tested on "Mt. Mud" at the end of the Chilly Cheeks trail run.

Polly answers the challenge!

Then Susan (in red) was put to the test.

Susan shows why she is called The Great One as she conquers "Mt. Mud."

Wendy (on the right) has a go at the finishing slope.

Megan demonstrated classic technique in scrambling up the final hill.

Glamazon was greeted by a very interesting welcoming committee at the top of the hill.

All the upper body exercises at the Crossfit gym really paid off for Glamazon at the Chilly Cheeks.

That's Lil' Bird Sharon sprinting for the finish

The Wanderers chowed down after the race and traded war stories from out on the trails.

Welcome to the Wanderers Winner's Circle. Bob, Polly, Irene,
Megan and Doug display their winning mugs.

Wendy was named Technovan communications director for the expedition to the Chilly Cheeks race.  Glamazon signed on as navigator and the Great One was at the helm of the vehicle.  Everyone did a great job as the Wanderer runners were delivered safe and on time for the race.

We are the Greatest!  Polly, Bob and Irene show off their victory spoils for winning their age divisions.

The swag from the Chilly Cheeks, like all Pretzel City Sports productions, was great.  Bob displays the very appropriately designed race t-shirt


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