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Cold hard cash, carved pumpkins, t-shirts, fuzzy socks . . . and beer!  These were the spoils of war that the Wanderers reaped at the Bobtoberfest 4 mile trail race on October 25th!

Although there don’t seem to be any race results published anywhere (if anyone finds them, please alert us!), rest assured the Wanderers cleaned house at this event!  Truly!  Pouring rain drenched the runners throughout the event which seemed to be right up the Wanderers’ alley!

Chris Verry, Susannah Grosso, Tammy Leigh Dement, Maureen Mignogna and Polly Jansen all received age-group awards!  Chuck Shields and Michael Branca also took home prizes.  Noah Anstraus arrived a little late, but managed to catch up to the pack.  Dennis Crowne apparently didn’t think the race was long enough, so instead of turning at the designated “second pumpkin,” he added on another mile or so to the course!  Susan Hurrey, fresh off her 1st female Master’s win at the Ellis Preserve 5k that morning was along to offer photo, cheering and drinking support.  Susannah “Tough as Nails” Grosso pulled double-duty and was a double prize winner that day, placing 2nd in her age group at the 5k!  Jim Trainor, feeling a little under the weather didn’t let that stop him from cheering for the Wanderers out on the course.

Although this event wasn’t a TRUE trail run to the Wanderers’ liking, the best was yet to come.  The after party for this event was held at the Ugly Moose bar, with race director “Bob” (clad in lederhosen) passing out free beer coupons to the thirsty runners (and anyone else lucky enough to be standing around).  Fred Kenney couldn’t resist the free beer & hotdogs and came by for the party.  Wanderers got to mingle with Bryn Mawr runners while each tried to convince the others that their workouts and events were more fun!  Hmmm . . . I think you know our bias!  All in all, it was a great day to get tired, soaked, muddy & tipsy (not necessarily in that order)!  Congrats Wanderers on the great performances!


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