01 Wanderers Dan Gordon, Sally Gordon and Simon Newman with support team Peter Newman, standing and sitting Maureen, Christopher and Giles Newman. The King Charles Spaniel Katie completed the support team.
02 The support team sees the wanderers off in Suffolk.
03 Simon was the intrepid leader of the expedition. The Wanderers team did not get lost once during the five-day expedition.
04 Alderton was another town bagged by our hikers during their trip.
05 The stones along the North Sea coast were beautiful to behold, but murder to walk on. The shale slowed the Wanderers considerably along the coast.
06 Simon and Sally take a break during the tough first day of hiking.
07 Simon puts out to sea on the ferry across the river Alde.
08 The Wanderers resorted to this ferry to cross the river Alde. The cost: 50 pence for adults, dogs for free.
09 The bog along the route made some of the Wanderers homesick for the Dances with Dirt relay course.
10 Our hikers took time to admire this little shell collection on the North Sea Coast.
11 The Wanderers thought this snail might be a good club mascot once Snowy retires.
12 Our pilgrims sought sanctuary at the Golden Keys pub after a brutal first day of hiking. They discovered the Adnams lager, which was served there, had great restorative qualities.
13 The fish and chips shop in Dunwich gets a definite Wanderers stamp of approval as Simon and Sally order up a training meal.
14 …and Dan and Sally dig in. Over the last millenium, much of the Village of Dunwich has slipped into the sea. Luckily, the fish and chips shop has been spared.
15 There was a dog fest going on at the beach near Southwold at the end of the second day.
16 Many canine friends were made during the trip.
17 The River Waveney was beautiful to look at. But just watch out for the tussocks when walking along its banks!
18 Another Wanderers companion on the trip.
19 Simon and Sally in full stride along the Yare Broads before entering Yarmouth on day three.
20 Sally and Simon live off the land during the third day of the hike.
21 Dan takes his bearings near the river Waveney on day four.
22 The Wanderers inquired into the availability of this craft as a triathlon support vessel. It was not for sale.
23 Wanderers got good support along the route including this swan near Potter Heigham.
24 Blisters were always a big problem for the Wanderers team.
25 With the many windmills dotting the Norfolk Broads, the trip might have made Jan Deruiter Homesick for his native Holland.
26 Few aspects of wildlife escaped the Wanderers notice on the trip.
27 Simon and Sally set out on the last day of the ramble.
28 Botany and horticulture were always an important part of the trip as the wanderers observed this pretty flower.
29 Simon showing excellent form in the last day of the hike.
30 Simon is well clad to confront the elements with his Wanderers jacket ($60 at your nearest Wanderers outlet).
31 Action shot of a tree frog caught by Wanderers photographers during the ramble.
32 Sally and Simon can sense that the finish is not far away as they march toward Aylsham on day 5.
33 No, this is not a postcard, but a photograph taken by our hikers as they enter Aylsham.
34 Mission accomplished! Simon boards the bus in Aylsham at the completion of the hike.