01 Jason Bull leads the pack of elite milers through the first quarter mile mark with Matthew DiPietore right behind. Jason won the mile in 4:37.
02 Matthew DiPietore hits the finish line in the mile run elite division in a time of 4:40 with Ian Chillog and Scott Landis giving chase.
03 The gun sounds for the second heat of the mile run.
04 Dan Brewer hits the tape in 5:33 to win the second heat of the mile run.
05 Six-year-old AJ Lofton was fan favorite competing in both the mile and 800 meters. He had a great finishing kick.
06 Eliud Njubi of Kenya warms up prior to the 5000 meter run. He was absolutely stunning winning the event in 14:52.
07 Nikki Henry stormed to a 5:37 finish in the mile winning the women’s division.
08 Nikki Henry and Cheryl Bellaire battle midway through the mile run.
09 Wanderers Mark Zisselman and Susan Hurrey set out a steady pace in the early stages of the mile.
10 Steve Metraux and Jemal Johnson go stride for stride midway through the mile. Steve finished in 4:49 with Jemel finishing in 5:07. They were not through for the evening. Jemal returned to finish 3rd in a strong field in the 800 meters, while Steve ran 3rd in the 5000.
11 Scott Landis was on fire in the mile finishing in 4:47.
12 Steve pours it on in the final lap of the mile.
13 Hometown favorite Andy Ross of Roxborough hits the finish line in the mile.
14 The mile race is only two seconds old and Rock Steady is already trailing adversary Susan Hurrey.
15 Rock gives victory salute during the mile. The only problem was he was second to last.
16 Half mile maven Chuck Shields warms up prior to race.
17 Susan Hurrey and Denis Crowne kibitz prior to the track meet.
18 Bin Reuter, Mike Branca and Rock Steady get the food table set up. The cuisine at the track meet was Four Stars. Thanks go to Bin Reuter and race director Leslie Turchetti for the food preparation.
19 Track meet brain trust meet to discuss operations. From left, that is announcer Joel DuBow, race director Leslie Turchetti and timer Gary ?. The only person missing was Kyle Mecklenborg, who did a super job at the registration desk.

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