01 Phil Roach was really rambling on the downhill slope of Smokey.
02 Duncan looks relaxed and ready at the start of Leg 7.
03 Phil reports for duty prior to the Smokey leg.
04 They’re off. The start of the fourth Leg up Smokey.
05 Phil emerges through the mist at the top of the mountain.
06 The Purple Piper slapped on the oil skins atop Smokey.
07 A sight for sore eyes for many runners on Leg 4.
08 It’s in the bag! Phil completes leg 4.
09 Snake Bite has a good finishing kick on Leg 5.
10 Andrew MacIsaac clocked the best time for the Wanderers up at Cape Breton . He ran Leg 6 at a 7:31 pace.
11 Pete McLaughlin and Andrew were stars out on the Cabot Trail.
12 It was great to see Patti Mackinnon back in action. She approaches the finish line on Leg 8.
13 The Piper straps on his reflective vest before the viciouss 9th leg up North Mountain. Snake Bite and Space Ghost review strategy with him prior to the leg.
14 That’s the Purple Piper midway through his assault on North Mountain.
15 Cheryl Smith before the deluge on Leg 11.
16 Susan ‘The Boss’ Hurrey receives congratulations from Petra after a fabulous run on Leg 14.
17 Space Ghost proviedes some late night support out on the course.
18 That’s Pete McLaughlin with hat hitting the finish line 14th on Leg 15.
19 Petra handled the course like a hardened veteran, running two legs.
20 Petra nears finish line on Leg 3.
21 Space Ghost fuels up on Leg 2 with assistance from Snake Bite.
22 Space Ghost glides to the finish line on leg 2.
23 Rock was rolling on Leg 1.
24 Patti congratulates Phil after his mammouth run up Smokey.
25 The Piper performed at the beginning of the race to welcome the runners onto the Cabot Trail.
26 Rock checks out the cuisine on the Cabot Trail.
27 Space Ghost makes pit stop at Tim Horton’s on the drive up to Cape Breton.
28 If this had been a dog show, Wandeering Willie would have definitely won the blue ribbon.

Tad’s Photo Album

01 The Wanderers Road Crew traveled by land and sea to get to Cape Breton, steaming from Portland to Nova Scotia on the Scotia Prince. The Queen Mary II, this was not.
02 Rock refuels on Leg 1 with the help of Snake Bite.
03 Rock barrels to the finish line at the end of Leg 1.
04 Snake Bite and Duncan review course conditions after Leg 1 within comfort of the Technovan.
05 Phil heads for home after conquering Mt. Smokey on Leg 4.
06 Wanderers’ support was less pathetic than usual on the Cabot Trail as Rock assist Snake Bite on Leg 5.
07 Snake was wearing her game face during Leg 5.
08 The Wanderers didn’t have exclusive rights on dodgy race support.
09 Duncan is off and running on Leg 7. Note the earphones tuned into the Wanderers communication channel (transmitted by the Technovan).
10 Field conditions were brutal as Wanderers coped with fog, rain, clouds, and terrain.
11 Patti heads for home at the end of Leg 8.
12 Wanderers passed this ancient Scottish cottage on Leg 9 and in the process made lodging reservations for the next Cabot Trail race.
13 The Purple Piper was a blur as he reaches the Wanderers’ support stop on North Mountain.
14 Wanderers feast at Cabot Trail banquet after the race.