01 Craig Bridlow took to the course like a duck to water winning the Just Run 5K in 20:28.
02 Running up Flagpole Hill must have reminded Stephanie Peteraf of the good old days. Stephanie ran the Belmont Plateau course countless times while running cross country for Central High School.
03 ‘I love this stuff,’ gestures Gideon Parchomovsky with Chris Sanchirico hot on his heels.
04 A soggy Chris Moore nears the end of a weekend of work. On Saturday, Chris finished second in the Wanderers mile run at the Chestnut Hill Relays. On Sunday, he returned to finish second in the Just Run 5K
05 Leanne Woods from Ireland must have felt right at home with the weather conditions at the Just Run 5K.
06 Starter Dave Thomas brought order out of chaois. Here he tabulates results after the race within the sanctuary of the Technovan.
07 The Fairmount Running Club were awesome out on the course. Five served as race marshals, and Dan Hammer, right, ran the race.
08 Race director Leslie Turchetti and Leanne Woods review race performance in the Technovan after the Just Run 5K.
09 Dan Hammer from Fairmount Runners was really cooking at the one mile mark.
10 Chris Sanchirico and Gideon Parchomovsky race stride for stride up Flagpole Hill.