01 Starter Jim Adderly gives instructions before start of the first heat of the 1-mile run.
02 Steve Metraux pours it on in the mile.
03 The pack was tightly bunched in the mile.
04 Laura Finelli won the women’s division of both the mile and the 5K.
05 Kevin hits the tape first in the mile.
06 The gun sounds for the second heat of the mile.
07 Lola and Megan work the registration tabel. They did a wonderful job.
08 Veteran Tom Yunker posted great times in the mile and half mile.
09 Michael Sharpe was just one of many excellent young runners produced by the Mt. Airy Track Club who competed at the Wanderers meet.
10 Bryant Lipscomb finished second in the second heat of the one mile in a time of 5:25.
11 Tom Jennings of the Ambler Area Running Club doubled at the Wanderers track meet running the mile in 5:50 and then coming back to complete the half mile in 2:36.
12 Robert Downs ran an excellent 6:13 time in the mile. His form is impeccable.
13 Michael Sharpe looked sharp in the mile finishing in 6:18.
14 Babs, who did a great job at the finish line, takes information from Marissa McGarry who ran the mile in an excellent 6:57.
15 A.J. Lofton makes it three years in a row in the Wanderers meet.
16 Jim and Babs confer over results at the finish line.
17 Chuck leads the pack in the 3-K.
18 Yeah Polly.
19 The registration desk was busy with members of the Mt Airy Track Club. That’s Lola, Matt and Megan working the table.
20 Wanderers’ Phil Ranly crosses the finish line.
21 9-year old Kiarra Balon finished strong in the 3-K.
22 Chris Verry up close and personal.
23 With Tom Yunker, Bruce Gilbert and Tom Jennings there was a lot of experience at the track.
24 They’re off in the first heat of the 800 meters with Austin Perron breaking into the lead.
25 Jeff Hayes takes care of some business during the meet.
26 Kevin and Chris battle it out in the 800.
27 Bruce Gilbert hits the finish line in the 800.
28 Starter Jim Adderly gives final instructions to the runners in the second heat of the 800.
29 The gun is up.
30 Laura gets in a stretch prior to the 5K.
31 The half mile, second heat was hotly contested.
32 It was a photo finish in the second heat with Chante Moore nipping Shakira Fleming.
33 Steve starts to pull away from the field in the 5-K.
34 Starter Jim Adderly takes a break for dinner.
35 Teri Bizzell, coach of the Mt Airy Track Club, was a life-saver as she took timing duties at the meet.
36 Steve gives it his all to win the 5-K.
37 Not everyone attended the track meet to run.
38 Chuck, on right, earned his supper while Chris Matt and Leslie confer.
39 Medley runners take their marks.
40 Tom Trocky takes the baton from Kevin Jude on the winning relay team.
41 Bryson Lipscomb takes baton from Bryant Poindexter on the strong Mt. Airy Track Club medley team.
42 Tom Trocky passes the baton to Kevin Forde on the final leg of the relay.
43 Chris Moore delivers the goods to Chris Verry on the Wanderers relay team.