Fall Trail Series ~ Race #4

Phil Ranly Bags Second Victory in Trail Series Finale


The weather finally cooperated for the final trail series run on September 29. Thunderstorms rolled through the Wissahickon during the afternoon, once more raising the specter of a cancelled trail run. But by race time, clear skies arrived and provided a perfect evening for running.

The race was notable for many reasons, primarily for the return of Rich Greifer to training after a hiatus of many months. He ran in the fun run division with Petra, Louis Secreto and Chris Moore. There was a large turnout of 30 runners.

The course was advertised as three miles long including a loop of Pachella Field, but turned out to be about 2.5 miles long. There were lots of fast times, especially winner Phil Ranly. Phil’s record for the fall trail series: two firsts and one second….very impressive. Many thanks to Chris Moore for directing runners at one turn which many runners would have otherwise missed because of gathering darkness. Below are the results, more or less!!



September 29 Trail Race Results

1) Phil Rnaly 16:00
2) Polly Jansen 17:15
3) Doug Dubrosky 17:49
4) Brian Frederick 18:15
5) Fred Kenney 18:25
6) Chris Bergerson 18:32
7) Dan Sullivan 18:40
8) Jason Mifflin 18:50
9) Seth Dubrosky 19:37
10) Noah Anstrause 20:03
11) Barbara Gorka 20:32
12) Kristina Victoreen 21:14
13-tie) Mary March 21:22
13-tie) Derek March 21:22
15) The Great One 23:25
16) Rob Goeckeremann 23:42
17-tie) Linn Secreto 24:26
17-tie) Judy AnStraus 24:26
19) Jim Millar 24:48
20) Floyd Glenn 25:10
21-tie) Ken Evans 27:00
21-tie) Maureen Mignogna
23) Danie Martin 27:56
24) Megan Boyle 28:25
25) Dennis Crowne 28:30
26) Mea Schiff 34:05

Other Runners:

  • Chris Verry (Lost on course…again)
  • Chris Moore (Both first and last! Was in first place,
    but then stayed to sweep course)
  • Rich Geifer
  • Petra Kretschmann
  • Louis Secreto

2011-09-fallSeries_3-results-thFall Trail Series ~ Race #3


The results for race 3 are located here (PDF)




Fall Trail Series ~ Race #2

Thank you Chris Moore and Barbara Gorka for directing and writing up the following report:

19 runners braved ominous weather with daylight already failing by 6:30. The Poker run went off about 6:35 with myself and Barb handing out cards at key locations on the course and at the finish. Kudos for Mea for thinking to bring a headlamp! Because it got dark out there.

The first few age group finishers were given the opportunity to “draw” cards to improve their hands. In the end Susannah Grosso easily topped the poker hands with an impressive King high strait flush. (with only one Joker and a single drawn card).

Awards (scratch off lottery tickets) were presented to top age group finishers and the best of them going to the top four poker hands. While all the scratch off lottery results are not available, we do know one lucky runner managed to score $40 on a dollar ticket!  Hope to see everyone next week.

Be ready to race by 6:30,  noting that we will be more aware of the dwindling daylight. (of course runners may also consider bringing lights).

Place Name time noteworthy poker hand
1 Phil Ranly 26:06
2 Noah Shusterman 23:46*
3 Doug Dubrosky 24:42*
4 Phil Howard 28:05
5 Dan Sullivan 28:14
5 Susannah Grosso 28:14 Strait Flush (winning poker hand)
7 Polly Jansen 29:11
8 Fred Kenney 29:29
9 Seth Dubrosky 32:01
10 Noah Anstruss 32:23
11 Ripp Kardon 33:08
12 Linn Secreto 42:51
13 Floyd Schiff 44:30
14 Maureen Mignona 44:32
15 Ken Evans 44:33
16 Danie Martin 50:22
17 Megan Boyle 52:13 Strait (2nd place poker hand)
18 Susan Hurrey 52:15
19 Mea Schiff 59:17
(*admitted course discrepancy)


2011 Fall Trail Series ~ Race #1

Unfortunately the first of the Series races was flooded out.