Series Wrap-up by Chris Moore

Congratulations and thanks to all of the runners who came out for the Fall Trail Series. While we didn’t intend to have a formal accounting, we do want to mention some highlights and overall Series results. We calculated an overall score adding finish places for the all the runners.

Johnathan Cornibe ran away with the Men’s division, winning all but one race where he went off course before correcting and retracing his steps back to the original course.  (And this includes winning week #4 just five days after running the Virgil Crest 50 miler).  

The Women’s Series was a bit of a toss up, and we are going to consider it a three way tie.  Polly Jansen and Henrike Shulze ran all four races and tied for overall points at 77pts (averaging 19th place) while Joanne Sinclair only was able to run 3 races but ended up with 55pts. (averaging 18th place).

Other highlights include a fishtank being recovered as part of a “litter” run, a torrential storm week 2 and some impressive Eagles cupcake racing (followed by an equally pathetic Eagles performance).

Other notables; seven runners managed to run every race, nineteen runners ran at least three and seventy-seven total runners ran at least one.  Lastly we’d like to thank Noah Shusterman, Bob Reynolds, Chris Moore and first timer Kristen Zielinski for marking each of the courses.

Thanks to all the people who helped to mark and sweep the courses.  Thanks to Clay Wells our unofficial photographer (his website »). And as always, Pat and Fred from Fast Cat Race Management who always manage to pull it together for the near impossible task of timing/recording a race when half the participants show up at the last minute. 

Stay tuned, the Wanderers are considering expanding our Spring and Fall Trail Series to include a two race winter series.


Individual race photos and results below:


Race #4 (9.26):


Race #3 (9/19):


Race #2 (9/12):


Race #1 (9/5):