GRID MAGAZINE just published a great article on the Wissahickon Trail Classic and one of the original organizers and long-time Wanderer Phil Ranly and WRV Board member/Treasurer Ron Ayres.

Lost in Philadelphia’s Wilderness

by Justin Klugh

It’s 2006, and Phil Ranly is lost in the Wissahickon. Somewhere along the trail, he took a wrong turn, became distracted by the sight of sunbeams yawning through the canopy or got caught in a wave of self-reflection. “There are some trails that run parallel to each other; they wind back into some pockets of other areas,” he says of his occasional missteps. He wasn’t the first victim of the park’s winding trails. And he wouldn’t be the last. “That’s what was fun for me. You’re in Philadelphia, but you’re lost in the wilderness.”

Thankfully, Ranly was able to find his way back and become instrumental, along with organizers Nancy Khan and Alyson Harris, in organizing the Wissahickon Trail Classic, an annual 10K race held since 2005 that benefits…CONTINUE READING on Grid Magazine or view the article as a PDF.