The TRACK WORKOUTS at Chestnut Hill Academy start at 6:30 pm every Tuesday. The address is W. Willow Grove Ave between Huron St and St. Martins Ln. in Chestnut Hill.

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Chris Moore has recently revived our Tuesday track workouts. Here is what he mentioned on our Facebook page:

Track Nite is back on the calendar. We had a nice turnout last week. (which was maybe 7 people?) A variety of paces are represented depending upon who shows up. As this will be the second week this season, we are considering running a track 5k time trial. For those that care, this will allow progress to be monitored over the season as well as helping to establish paces for various intervals we will do. That said, we aren’t really that precise or scientific. But feel free to join us. Workouts are held Tuesday nights at the CHA/Springside track at 6:30PM. Several of us who can sneak out of work early get there about 6:00 and do a few miles warm up in the neighborhood