01 The course is scenic and flat.
02 Rock Steady has thought of everything a Wanderer might need.
03 This is about as steep a climb as you will find anywhere on the course.
04 The quiet village of Point Pleasant at approximate mile 4.
05 Wet Hen was relieved to find this comfort station at mile 14.
06 Fauna include many fat geese, ducks and other waterfoul.
07 A lock along the canal.
08 Amenities along the course are outstanding.
09 These ducks berated The Hen for her failure to share her donuts with them.
10 Many overpasses along the course are better suited to hobbits — duck or bump!
11 We don’t know this runner from Adam, but he seemed to embody our athletic spirit and love of good fare.
12 Rock Steady at the finish line, looking far better than he will on race day.
13 Ample dining facilities at the finish line.
14 We are pursuing this franchise to deliver the goods to various key points along the course.