01 Barbara Gorka and Chris Moore both put in super performances at the distance run. By the 2 1/2 mile mark, they had hardly worked up a sweat.
02 After all the track workouts and trail runs, the distance run was a piece of cake for Susan Hurrey, bib # 8069.
03 The Kenyans proved tough competition for the Wanderers.
04 And the Bryn Mawr Runnign Company wasn’t much easier.
05 But Wanderer Jeff Hayes was not far behind. He finished 87th.
06 Wissahickon Creek regular Bill Frawley finished a giddy 19th in the race.
07 The Showtime Drill provided sensational support at the 2 1/2 and 12 mile marks.
08 The Showtime Drill team must use the same operations manual as the Wanderers. They load up on doughtnuts before all performances!
09 While Wanderer mutts Snowy and Clyde were sleeping back on their pads, these two Shelties were working hard out on the course.
10 Mary and John are headed for the finish.