01 The Scots look ready for business as they register at the Marathon Expo.
02 Richard Dobson digs into training meal at the Wanderers’ clubhouse prior to the race.
03 The Wanderers / Hares and Hounds lineup for race day. Only missing were Scott Quitel and Bob Alig.
04 Simon Newman and Jan Bin Reuter turn the water stop into a Koffee Klatsh.
05 Sophie Gordon and Simon Newman get ready for the deluge of runners.
06 Scott Quitel gets words of encouragement from Janet at Mile 18.
07 Drew Neill refuels at the 22 mile mark for final assault on the marathon.
08 Richard Dobson was moving so fast, we could only get his backside at mile 22.
09 Fraser Turner blasts into the home stretch.
10 Drew’s form was impeccable.
11 Mighty man Bob Alig hits the 22 mile mark.
12 Fraser Turner, left, and Cameron Burt hit the 22 mile mark stride for stride.
13 Few runners got by verbally unscathed at the mile 22 water stop from the trio Nidhi Krishen, Michael Shannon and Charlie Dabezies
14 No, Pieman. The idea is to hand out the Gatorade, not drink it yourself.
15 Susan Branson was awarded MVP for her performance at the water stop.
16 Dara Goldberg worked wonders at the water stop.
17 Shari Stern, left, and Beth Hillman performed awesome waork at the water stop.
18 Jennifer Rezelli was one of the stars at the water stop.
19 There’s a reason not all Wanderers made it to the start line.
20 Wanderers support personnel discuss strategy at the Wanderers’ clubhouse on the eve of the race.
21 Rock Steady gets ready for the deluge of runners at the 18/22 mile water table.
22 Cameron and Fraser get down to business at the 22 mile mark.
23 Tony McCue works away while Pieman eats his donut and helps himself to freshly poured water.
24 Pieman checks to make sure his shorts are still on while celebrating.
25 Pieman sideswipes Rock during a round of soccer after the marathon.
26 The Scots and Wanderers play a round of soccer right after finishing the marathon.