01 Richard Xerri showed up ready for business when he appeared at the Wanderers Command Central at 15 Dents Road in London to volunteer for the team.
02 Space Ghost Tad Sperry sizes up the competition prior to Leg #1. The fact that everyone else was wearing polyester singlets was a tip-off that the Wanderers were in for a long weekend.
03 Race directors Lynda Gray, left, and Sean Davis, right, of the Stragglers were fabulous. Here they await the start of the race with Crusher and Simon Newman. For those interested in English history, that is Hampden Court in the background.
04 Wanderer Down! Axel gets medical attention for blisters after his 11.2 mile leg. His performance despite the blisters attests to the valor of the Wanderer runners.
05 They’re off! Space Ghost stakes out last place as the relay begins.
06 Crusher, Simon and Mike Farmery look calm, relaxed and confident in the early stages of the relay.
07 Axel looked good at the beginning of Leg #3 which was run along a Thames River towpath.
08 It was great to see Axel back in action after a 2 1/2 year layoff. The 2000 Dances with Dirt Relay was the last time Axel ran for the Wanderers. That’s Simon providing excellent support.
09 Field Chief David Brough, the British Bulldog, barks out orders in the early stages of the race. Telecommunications did not become a problem for the Wanderers until the phone was turned over to Rock Steady.
10 Martin Hintze girds for battle prior to the vicious fourth leg through the Chiltern Hills.
11 Rock carries the mail on Leg #11 through some beautfiul Essex countryside.
12 Ralph Hergott recovers after finishing Leg #13 along the Darent River in Kent.
13 Francois Barou and Ralph show off their Wanderers attire after completing legs 12 and 13.
14 Crusher is off and smiling at the beginning of the brutal leg #14.
15 The Bulldog gives Crusher a pep talk at the water stop midway through leg #14,
16 The ordeal is over as Wayne hits the finish line in Tatsfield.
17 Midway through the second day, the Wanderers Green Belt Brain Trust of Simon and Bulldog take time to ponder two of life’s enduring questions: where are we? and what are we doing here?
18 New Wanderers hero Richard Xerri celebrates after his fabulous third place finish.
19 Still in one piece after the race… Crusher, Bulldog, Simon, Space Ghost and Mrs. Bulldog celebrate the morning after.