01 Irish Joe and Linda Hodkin await starting gun befroe the Ultra race.
02 Snake Bite and Irish Joe run through the early morning darkness at the beginning of the race.
03 Ultra Woman, Crash and Linda walk up onoe of the many steep hills on the course.
04 Wanderers give advice for another runner out on the course suffering from dehydration. That is a beaver dam in the middle of the pond in the background.
05 The support along the route was superb. Here, Rock gets his Camelback filled by a support staffer. Wanderers could certianly learn a lesson here.
06 Volunteers staffed support stations for up to 30 hours during the race. A big thank you from the Wanderers.
07 Pieman will be kicking himself for not entering the Haliburton Forest Ultra when he sees the snacks offered at the support tables.
08 Linda meets up with 82-year-old Odino Solino who was smoking the Wanderers out on the course until he got lost.
09 You just could not beat the scenery at Haliburton Forest.
10 Some cabin owners came out to set up their own support tables. The support was fantastic.
11 We’re lost!! Joe and Linda improvised their own 50k race after they got lost out on the course of the 50-miler.
12 An artistic photo taken by Rock out on the course.
13 No Ultra race is complete without some foot blisters and sores.
14 The Purple Piper couldn’t compete so he played the pipes throughout the day.
15 \”Isn’t this supposed to be a running race,\” Linda seems to be thinking as Ultra woman and Irish Joe meet out on the course.
16 Ultra woman looked strong in the latter stages of the race.
17 This was no fishing vacation for the Wanderers. That’s ultra Woman padding up the trail along McDonald’s Lake.
18 Another of Rock’s mood shots of the mist lingering over a Canadian swamp.
19 Crash looks none the worse for wear at the finish line of the 50-miler.
20 Crash picks up his medal at finish line.
21 Irish Joe’s and Linda’s odyssey is over. They reach the finish line.
22 Next time the Wanderers are going to bring up their canoe for the Haliburton Forest Ultra.