01 The Wanderers got a head start on their Philly Marathon celebrating. They partied the night before the race at Maria’s Restaurant in Roxborough. It turns out the Wanderers had good reason to celebrate. The club produced some fabulous performances in the marathon and relay and at the water stop as well. Polly did a super job organizing the party.
02 Pam, Carnage, Brian and Polly looked supremely confident on the eve of the Philly marathon relay.
03 Hey, how did the Great One get into the Wanderers’ Philly Marathon party? She did not run in either the marathon or the relay. Guess it was the FREE DRINKS!
04 Tony looks relaxed and ready for the Philly Marathon the next day.
05 Tony’s performance can only be described as ENORMOUS! He bagged a 3:39 finish in his first marathon.
06 Melanie was a winner no matter what place she and her relay team finished in!
07 Jim was a good salesman with the Clif Bar gels. There weren’t any left half way through the marathon.
08 Dennis was The Man! He knocked off another marathon despite pulling a calf muscle in the latter stages of the race.
09 Chad Johnson was the first man through at the water stop
10 The Wanderers put in a strong performance. But they were no match for the Kenyans!
11 When the going gets tough, Dennis gets going!!!
12 The New Freedom Striders were a class act managing the water stop. Here Pat gets advice from one of the Striders just before the runners arrive.
13 How does Hard Boyle do it? 18 miles down and still smiling en route to a personal best 4:12.
14 Brian loosens down from his six mile relay leg by doing some light raking around the water table.
15 Babs must be chuckling to see all these people running, and she is not! That’s because she did her marathon last week in Harrisburg…a brilliant 3:40 performance.
16 The water stop before…..
17 And after!
18 A lovely still life taken by Wanderer staff photographer Susan Hurrey. Very artistic, Susan.
19 This is a still life supplied by Carnage. Also very tasteful.
20 All this nice work Chris did in preparing the Gator Aid for the runners…..
21 And this is what Matt and Leslie did to it!!
22 Pat unloads another care package from the Clif Bar people.
23 Matt spent the whole day at the water stop setting up tables, pouring Gatorade, handing out gels and cheering runners. Dawn was no slouch either, and was one of the first to arrive for work at the water station.
24 Hard Boyle celebrates at McMeniman’s Tavern in Mt. Airy after the race.
25 Leslie still has not taken off her medal from last week in Harrisburg.
26 The Showtime Drum and Bugle Corps performed at the Water Stop.