01 Dennis Crowne puts his foot on the gas for the final four miles along Kelly Drive.
02 Leslie and Melanie did it all during the weekend of the distance run. On Saturday, they directed the Chestnut Hill Classic cross country race, and then came back on Sunday to do the distance run.
03 Wanderers were strong in support along the course. The Great One Susan Hurrey and Pam Smith came out to cheer along the Wanderers at the Falls Bridge. Petra even took a break from training for the Ironman to support the Wanderers.
04 Rock waves the Wanderers home as they come off the Falls Bridge.
05 That’s Megan on the far left making the 13.1 mile distance run look easy.
06 Megan Boyle, Chris Verry, Polly Jansen and Amanda Stouffer show off their medals at the finish line of the distance run. The Wanderer runners were simply amazing at the distance run.