The Fall On Sept. 27th, the final run of the Fall 2012 trail race series was held. 41 runners came out to explore some of the lesser traveled trails on the Roxborough side of the Wissahickon Valley, south of Valley Green. As described by some of the finishing runners, the trails included a sweet “goat trail” that descended from the upper trails down to Forbidden Dr. near Gorgas lane, followed by a steep scramble up the Roxborough “party trail”.

Thanks to Sulli and Andy Sfekas for marking the trails. Only 4 people admitted to getting lost and the top 2 finishers DQ’d themselves upon crossing the finish line, admitting to missing turns, making Chris Moore the top wanderer of the evening. Even though a few people may have wandered a little farther than the roughly 2.5 mile course, all found their way back to the Inn with smiles on their face, happy to have had a good little adventure.

Thanks again to New Balance and the Bryn Mawr Running Company for supporting the fall race series. The post race apple cider, cookies, and candy were delicious.

Thanks to Chris Bergerson for directing the fourth and final Race and putting together the above report and results below.

 Race #4 Results:

Place Name Time Notes Place Name Time Notes
1 Chris Moore 20’17 21 Chris Linn 27’06 Late Start
2 Andy Sfekas 20’34 22 Brian Frederick 35’55 Late Start
3 Nick Kauffman 21’37 23 Hunt Bartwire 33’06
4 Fred Kenney 21’41 24 Lauren Jugerne 33’54
5 Dan Sullivan 21’46 25 Stevie Crino 33’56
6 Joanna Sinclair 22’05 26 Keith Macconnell 38’17 Lost
7 John Cornibe 23’27 Late Start 27 Noah Anstraus 39’20 Late Start
8 Rachel Wise 23’31 28 Evan Towler 40’28
9 Moose Flores 24’49 29 Emily Linn 40’45 Lost
10 Polly Jansen 24’59 30 Ian Johnson 42’44 Lost
11 Joe Nixon 25’04 31 Susie Stephens 42’45 Late Start (34)
12 Carl Stauffer 25’10 32 Kathryn Marshall 43’01 Lost
13 Mike Kulakowski 25’13 33 Mellisa Gonzalez 43’14
14 Bob Renolds 25’15 34 Ellen Marcus 43’58
15 Kate Douglash 25’24 35 Camillia Aberra 43’59
16 Barb Gorka 25’27 36 Jim Tramnor 44’40
17 Stephanie Nahas-Geiger 25’35 37 Ryan Smith 49’42
18 Leroy Skidmore 25’41 Carl Lewnig DQ(1st)
19 Mariana Bergerson 26’04 Anmol Khurana DQ(2nd)
20 Dan Lingorrfer 27’03 Leeanne Fox DNF

Race #3: Photos (43), Report, and Results (added 9/25)

Many thanks to Sully for directing the race and providing the race-report below:

Well done everybody on the third installment of the Fall Race Series.  Another smashing success by our  nearly record breaking 45 racers this past Thursday.  The race was 2.75 mi. on some of the more technical trails of our beloved Wissahickon.  There was a great turnout of seasoned Wanderer Vets as well as many new race faces on Thursday.  The word about us must be getting out.

No souls were lost on the course, but there were a couple minor causalities including Wanderer Barb Gorka and Susie Stephens.  May they wear their battle scars with pride at the next race.  Many thanks to our sponsors New Balance and the Bryn Mawr Running Company for their continued support of our Race Series.  This week they provided a totally awesome LED lighted running hat and 4 tech t-shirts to our top Male and Female runners.  Thanks to our race photographer Clay Wells.

Up next (THU 9/27) is the fourth and FINAL installment of the Fall Trail Series.  Please pass the word around, it’s going to be a good one.  Andy Sfekas and Chris Bergerson will be directing this upcoming race.  I know they have been in the Park blazing trails with machetes and moving boulders around all week.  They have told me that quite simply, “this next race is going to be sick!”.

Remember folks, daylight is leaving us faster and faster each day.  This last race will be around 3 miles so we will need to get a prompt start.  You may also want to consider bringing some light if you think it may take you more than a half hour to run it.

One last big thanks to Bob, Chris, Dan, Fred, Pat and all who helped me out with Race #3.

See you on Thursday!


Click here for race #3 RESULTS

Race photos by Wanderer Clay Wells:

Race #2: Photos (65) and results (added 9/18).

Click here for results for race #2 (PDF)


Race #1: Record Turnout and Raptor Rescue Highlight Trail Series Opener

Unofficially, we had a record turnout for the first week of the Fall Trail Series with 47 runners toeing the line.

The evening’s course took runners along the Mt Airy side of the trails, meandering along the lower trail through Devil’s Pool and the “fingerspan” bridges before jumping up to the upper trail and heading up and across the Creshiem Creek at the new pedestrian bridge, before returning down the opposite side of the creek.  GPS indicated the course length anywhere from 3.05-3.25, depending on model.

In addition to New Balance providing soft pretzels and gear bags for most runners,  they also provided a BMRC Manayunk $20 Gift Card, which was randomly awarded to a finisher, Andy Sfekas.

Another highlight of the race was an old/injured hawk who had decided to roost in the middle of the trail and presented a unique obstacle.  Post race, said hawk was gathered up and taken to the wildlife rescue at the Schuylkill Valley Nature Center.  (We hope to have a follow up on its condition.)   The Wanderers were also glad to welcome the return of the West Philly Runners, as well a new club to our event,  Black Girls Run.  We hope to see them both again.

Many thanks to Chris Moore for his work on laying out the course, writing up the report and all around effort. And as always, thanks to Fred and Pat and FastCat Timing.

Results: click here for the results (PDF) »