00: Eve Wildrich caught doing some cross training in Vail, Colorado.
01: Tad Sperry and Sarah Craig getting psyched for the Footsteps for Friends 5k on Oct. 13.
02: Wanderers have a reputation for being slow and cranky out on the course. You’d never know it watching Tad Sperry smoke the 5K Footsteps for Friends race on Oct. 13 in his final tuneup for the Baltimore Marathon.
03: Tour de France star Bobby Julich, left, reviews plans for the Wissahickon Wanderers biking division with Paul Molino, owner of Bike Addict’s store, and Packy Gordon. Bobby said he was very impressed with the Wanderers organization and was tempted by the club’s offer to represent the team. However, he said the Wanderers’ deal could not quite match the multi-million dollar contract he had just signed with Deutsche Telekom.
04: One of the big winners at the Roxborough Over the Hill 5-k on October 21 were the t-shirts. The colorful shirts, praised by almost all the runners, were designed by Gary Soblow and produced by Magic Marks, official haberdasher of the Wissahickon Wanderers. Darren Scott of Magic Marks goes through the production process from coloring (top left), to printing (top right) to the finished product (bottom).
05: A close up of the Roxborough Over the Hill 5k t-shirt logo.
06: Raspberry is going to Hell. Backup mascot Raspberry has been selected as team mascot for the 2002 Dances With Dirt relay in Hell, Michigan. This will allow first-string mascot Snowy, the fox terrier, a much needed rest.
07: The Wanderers scored a real coup when Sam Campy Campbell signed on for the Cabot Trail Relay. Overlooked in the euphoria of signing a runner with several 3-hour marathons under his belt is the fact that Campy has not actually done any running for the last 10 years.
08: Kim Pierce demonstrates proper stretching technique prior to her post Thanksgiving workout in Massachusetts. Kim has already begun work on setting her new years resolutions for 2002. Tops on her to-do list…a 3h:30m marathon.
09: Sally Gordon (L) and Kim Pierce work off some Thanksgiving turkey in a workout over the holiday.
10: Snowy is taking a well earned vacation this winter from his duties as mascot for the Wanderers. The Snowy Fan Club can be contacted at dgordon95@comcast.net
11: Dan Gordon wraps up the deal with Matt McIntyre and Ian Jeffrey for Don Rosen Audi to sponsor the Roxnorough Over The Hill 5k in October, 2002. Don Rosen has a lot of snappy looking Audis at its dealership on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken.
12: Annie McClintock runs the lovely little Snack Shop at Valley Green in the Wissahickon. Her Shop has Revived Many an exhausted Wanderer while on training runs in the Wissahickon. Her shop is open weekends during the Off Season and during the week as well in the warmer months.
13: Want to improve your race performance? See Cyril Charles, overall personal trainer. Cyril with a 2:40 marathon to his credit knows what he is talking about. Cyril Works out of the Asphalt Green athletic complex at 89th Street and York Avenue in Manhattan. He can be reached at 917-407-0933.
14: Rock Steady welcomes Fraser Turner into the Wanderers during a ceremony in Glasgow in February.
15: Simon with prize recruit Fraser Turner in Glasgow. Fraser is aiming for a 3-hour finish in the Paris marathon in April. Simon, on the other hand, is expected to be sampling lattes at Paris cafes.
16: Rare footage of Simon Newman in Glasgow in late February. His fans stateside will be glad to know that simon looked very strong in a 45-minute run. He plans to return to action for the Wanderers in the Dances with Dirt competition in September.
17: Tanina Rostain (a.k.a Beast of Burden) gets in the festive mood at the Wanderers clubhouse during a winter get-together.
18: A new feature of the photo album is Tom Humphrey’s Pie of the Month. This month’s selection, Blueberry. Delicious. Good call Pieman.
19: This is the apportionment of pie recommended by Tom. But for long workouts, Tom recommends two of these.