01: Sue Branson before Leg 7.
02: Sue Branson afterwards. By the way: She Loved it!
03: Tom Humphrey powers his way past the competition.
04: Wanderers pose for a team portrait prior to Dances with Dirt race.
05: Tom Humphrey emerges from the woods, looking strong.
06: Bernie Bronsan powers his way throught the 13th leg at Dances with Dirt.
07: Dean Bredenbeck produced yet another huge performance in the opening leg of Dances with Dirt race.
08: The situation looks grim for Tom Humphrey, Susan Branson and Dean Bredenbeck as they realize the 9th leg at the Dances with Dirt has turned into a black hole for the Wanderers.
09: Downtown Hell, Michigan. Wanderers made three visits in Dances with Dirt relay.