01 Martin Paquet seems to have second thoughts over what he has just signed up for at the Philadelphia marathon registration.
02 The Wanderers (from left: Tanina, Scott, Sally, Martin and Francois) before . . .
03 . . . and after. What happened to Scott? Is he still on the course?
04 The Wanderers (from left, Scott, Francois, Martin Sally and Tanina) get a few final moments of rest in the Technovan before the event.
05 Martin is raring to go as he leaved the Technovan prior to the marathon.
06 Morale was high for Martin and Francois in the minutes prior to the race.
07 Francois makes it all look easy as he passes the five mile mark.
08 No Sweat! for Beth at the five mile water stop.
09 The Wanderers were animals out on the course.
10 Leslie Turchetti, above and Dan Gordon (not shown) worked the course in support.
11 The word was out on the course. The Wanderers have arrived!
12 Spirits are high for Tanina and Sally in the early stages of the run.
13 The Wanderers faced and beat Superman again at the Philadelphia marathon. They had already defeated him two weeks earlier at the New York marathon.
14 Leslie and Dan helped the Valley Forge Striders water stop at mile 5. The Striders did a great job.
15 Scott hammers down Main Street in Manayunk.
16 \”Are we there yet?\” Sally asks along main street in Manayunk.
17 Martin exhibited perfect form striding down main street in Manayunk.
18 Scott is all business as he steams through Manayunk.
19 Tanina acknowledges the cheers of the crowd in Manayunk.
20 Martin displayed perfect etiquette during the race. He did not spill any of his water while running.
21 Eve Wildrich was awesome in support of the Wanderers (and gets a light workout on the bike at the same time).
22 Beth pours it on along Main Street in Manayunk.
23 Tanina heads for home and a personal best of 4 hours and 46 minutes.
24 Scott sprints for the finish by the Art Museum.
25 It was onto the slab for a quick massage after the marathon for Martin…
26 Sally…
27 and Tanina.
28 Sally and Tanina have a lot to smile about. They bagged two marathons, New York and Philadelphia, in two weeks.
29 Scott savors his accomplishment after the Philadelphia Marathon.
30 Jackson, in the stroller, says he wants to be just like his pop when he grows up. We’re not sure how happy Janet is about that!