01 Sally Gordon has her number and is ready to go.
02 7am marathon morning, the streets of Manhattan. Scott Quitel reports for work.
03 The Wanderers radiating confidence board the bus for the starting line.
04 The Wanderers radiating confidence board the bus for the starting line.
05 The Wanderers took some time off to recruit new members for the club.
06 Another Prospect the Wanderers talked to.
07 Lots of nationalities were represented in the 2001 New York marathon.
08 Scott Quitel ponders the task ahead before the New York marathon.
09 The show is about to begin.
10 Tanina Rostain and Sally Gordon get ready for the race with some new found friends from Canada.
11 Sally Gordon gives Bridgit Crawford the hard sell describing the benefits of being a Wanderer to the possible recruit.
12 Sally Gordon and Tanina Rostain say- Bring It On!
13 Sally Gordon and Tanina Rostain look strong across the Verrazano Bridge.
14 The Wanderers stopped in to get a forecast of their race performance. The news was grim.
15 Tanina Rostain and Sally Gordon take a break from the running to enjoy the music.
16 New York fell in love with the Wanderers.
17 The Wanderers were a favorite with the fans in New York.
18 The New York Fire Department and Police Department were honored throughout the race for their bravery during the terrorist attack of Sept 11.
19 Wanderers caught Superman…
20 …and passed Superman.
21 The marathon was one big party.
22 The Wanderers were serenaded in all five boroughs, starting with Brooklyn…
23 Then in Manhattan…
24 Don’t forget Queens…
25 Finally in the Bronx.
26 Welcome to the Bronx.
27 Job well done. Tanina Rostain and Dan Gordon after the finish….and before the medical tent.
28 The Wanderers Express, in the form of Dan Gordon, screeches to a halt in the medical tent after the NYC marathon. The docs prescribed a bag of pretzels to restore Dan’s salt levels and he was back on his feet and thinking about the Philadelphia marathon in 15 minutes.