01: Michele Tulino under a full head of steam gets ready to hand off to Wayne Hamilton at the completion of the grueling leg 8.
02: Nick Sullivan has everything under control on leg 10.
03: Wanderers teamwork was frequently in evidence during the Reach the Beach race as demonstrated by this text book hand-off between Richard Gardner and Ruth Yanai.
04: Tad Sperry, the gentleman jogger, cruises through leg 31.
05: Ruth Yanai was absolutely awesome throughout the 200-mile relay. She also displayed good camping skills, popping up a tent for an overnight rest.
06: Wanderers before…
07: Wanderers go head to head with the Toe Jam team at the beginning of leg seven as Ruth Yanai passes off to Tad Sperry.
08: Wanderers Afterwards…
09: Wayne Hamilton passes off the baton to Nick Sullivan to begin leg 10 under the watchful eye of Duncan MacGuigan.
10: Richard Gardner produced more than 19 strong miles for the wanderers.
11: Scott Quitel is off and running on leg 3 after receiving the baton from Susan Branson.
12: With his performance at the Reach the Beach relay, Bob Zock ran straight into the Wanderers Hall of Fame.
13: The Wanderers have not started recruiting aliens … Yet! That’s Duncan MacGuigan working the graveyard shift on leg 24.
14: Bob Zock was on fire in the punishing first leg up to the Bretton Woods ski mountain finishing first in his starting group.
15: Bob Zock explodes out of the starting blocks.
16: Bob Zock Waits for the starting gun.
17: The Dunkin Donuts Winnebago was imposing competition for the technovan.
18: Duncan MacGuigan hits the finish line with a herd of wanderers behind.
19: Peggy Gaillard, Tad Sperry and Michelle Tulino show tension toward end of race.
20: Stretching has always been an important part of wanderers performance as Dan Gordon demonstrates . . . or maybe he is just getting sick.
21: Early morning reveille for wanderers as second day of competition begins.
22: Richard Gardner starts his fall foliage tour early.
23: Dan Gordon completes his leg.
25: Peggy Gaillard, in the blue, awaits handoff for run through Rye, New Hampshire.
26: Michelle Tulino pours it on in leg 9.
27: Group photo of the Wanderer team.