This run is being held by the Philly Runners club.

ALL RUNS start & end in front of the Philadelphia Museum Of Art.

ALL RUNS occur on Kelly Drive, with Sat runs also on King Drive (formerly West River Drive)

Tuesday 6:30 pm
All Skills – generally 4.4 – 6 miles at 6:30-10:00 pace (we have 3-5 pace groups)

Saturday 9:30am
All Skills – generally 4.4 – 8.5+ miles at 7:00-11:00 pace (we have 3-5 pace groups)

Here is the detailed explanation:

Saturday mornings at 9:30am and Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm are our all-skills runs. All are welcome. The runs start and end at the bottom of the front steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (if you are facing the art museum, we’re on the right). We wait a little bit back at the museum for others to return. We generally run along the Kelly Drive path on Tuesday and both the King Drive (formerly West River Drive) and Kelly Drive paths on Saturday.

For these all-skills runs, we split into multiple groups based on pace and distance, so you can run with whichever group best matches your skill. All levels of runners are welcome to attend, though elite/Olympic runners might be a little bored! Hey, you can still join us for one of your “easy” runs! On Saturdays, most people run from 4.4 – 8.5+ miles, at paces of 7:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile. We have faster & slower paces, longer & shorter distances, but the above holds for most. On Tuesdays, most run from 4.4 – 6 miles, at paces of 6:30 – 10:00.


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