Thursdays at 6:30 pm Trail Run Thursdays

Runs consist of approximately 4 to 5 miles of unique trails varying in degrees of difficulty, but all within the serene confines of the Wissahickon Valley

NO FEES, no shirts, no pants required. All runners, speeds, skill levels welcome!

Starting JANUARY 19, the location of the popular Thursday night run will be temporarily be moved (from Valley Green Inn) to the parking lot of the Main Street Theater complex in Manayunk.  The temporary move is necessitated by the early closing hours at the Valley Green Inn during the winter months.  The Thursday night runs will return to Valley Green Inn in mid-March.  Here is the map of the meeting spot >

The start time will remain the same:  6:30.  A local tavern yet to be determined will be used for post workout libations.  Contact me or Phil Ranly if you have any questions.  Considering the early sunset, running the hills of Manayunk should provide good workouts for the remainder of the winter.  Saturday morning workouts, by the way, will remain at Valley Green at 8 am.

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