Before coming down to the trail series, please go through your closet and pull out your old/decommissioned running shoes.  We know they are in the closet somewhere!!!  Then bring the shoes down to any of the four scheduled trail races because the Wanderers are conducting a used running shoe drive.

The collected shoes will be sent over to Ghana to be given to underprivileged kids.  The used shoe program was established by one of Polly Jansen’s new co-workers,  Awolu Adam.


Dan Polly and ChrisPolly tells the story,  “I have a co-worker at my new job who is from a war-torn area of Ghana, West Africa, and he actually purchases used sneakers to send back to his village because they have no access to them. I was wondering if we could ask people to donate their used sneakers at each of the trail series races. We could have a big box there for people to drop them in. Anyway, I thought it was crazy that he was buying used sneakers, when I’m sure we could get enough for a whole shipment for free.”

Polly goes on to tell the story of Awolu.  “He is from Ghana and has been in the USA for 9 years. He didn’t own his first pair of sneakers until he graduated high school!! He is planning to send a shipment of shoes to Ghana after the Trail Series.”

A box will be set up at the trail race for runners to donate their old shoes. This makes one more reason to come down to the trail series.


Here are some pictures from Awolu Adam after Awola distributed last year’s shoes!