01 John Moore, Rock Steady, and Snake Bite are all smiles after their performances in San Francisco.
02 Flexibility seemed to be a big problem for the Wanderers as Rock seemed to be encountering some difficulties with the quad stretches….
03 And he does not seem to be doing much better in the hamstring extensions….
04 Meanwhile it looks like Snake Bit is attempting to touch her toes…
05 But her quad stretches were strictly text book.
06 The Wanderers befriended many dogs after the race like Princess.
07 The boxers, above, said they had heard a lot about Snowy and wanted to meet him. But they added they wanted to kick Clydeís butt.
08 Snake Bite meets another Snowy admirer.
09 The Wanderers felt like they hadnít even left Philadelphia in the presence of these jack-booted police officers.
10 Runners round the corner to begin their run along the coastline. A quick note for Rocque Jr., the surf was up.
11 Rock was all business out on the course.