The Wanderers’ annual meeting will be held on January 12 at the Valley Green Inn.

The meeting will start right after the weekly Thursday night run at around 7:30

The program will include a slide show of Wanderer accomplishments in 2011.  There will also be a discussion of what we want to do in 2012. Suggestions are welcome.  But the highlight of the evening is always the Awards ceremony.  Wanderers did great in 2011 and we have a lot of awards to give out, and you could be one of the winners.
Finally, the annual meeting is a good way to catch up with old running buddies.  Buffet dinner and refreshments will be served. Here is what last year’s meeting looked like. We hope to see you down at Valley Green.

We hope everyone is getting off to a good New Year, and hope to see you on Thursday.

The event is open to everyone. Contact Dan if you need more information or if you would like to make suggestions for activities this next year. The Valley Green Inn will be hosting events both nights, and they do a great job.