Week 4 results added 9/28 – “Read More” to see the photos, reports and results of the 2010 Fall Trail Series races.


Week 4

The fourth and final race in the Fall Thursday Night series was held on Sept. 23rd.  Trail Master Bob Reynolds laid out a challenging 2.9 mile course that ascended from Forbidden Drive on an unnamed trail to the Saul School, went up past the Boy Scouts on Wigard Ave and around towards Wise’s Mill Road before descending back to the comforts of the Valley Green Inn on via Buck Hill.

In spite of the 10 lbs of bleached white flour and two cans of spray chalk used to mark the course, several Wanderers maintained tradition and veered away from the designated route.  Their punishment was to select last from the awards trove which consisted of a pot luck of recycled medals, pins and trophies, some going back to the 1970’s.

Many thanks to Fred Kenney and Fast Cast Sports for timing assistance. Click here for the week 4 results »

start of week 4
Runners before the start of week 4

Week 3

Because of stormy weather, the field for week #3 was reduced to about 20 intrepid runners.  Louis Secreto laid out the course, and then came back to win the race.  The course, sort of like the mountain top finishes at the Tour de France, featured a finish not at the customary Valley Green Inn but at the end of one last hill climb above Valley Green.  Louis’ dog Shelby greeted all finishing runners.  Linn Watson did a great job as official timer.  As detected in the last photo, Susan “the Great One” Hurry tried to phone in her performance, but she was disconnected.

With few people in the park because of the storm and a peaceful dusk falling, the 3rd trail race was a lovely event.  Next Thursday, September 23, will be the final race in the fall series. Bob Reynolds and Chris Moore will be laying out the course.  Official results from Week #3 to come shortly.

Week 3 Results:

View the ‘official’ results here (PDF) »

Week 3 Photos:

Week 2

Click here to view the results (pdf) showing both the handicap table and the results sheet (in case people want to self-calculate their net race time) for all 26 racers

Top six finishers:

The highly technical course suited Louis Secreto fine and enabled him to navigate the very talented technical course in extraordinary fashion going from dead last to first.

  • Louis Secreto – 3 points
  • Noah Shusterman – 3 points
  • Phil Ranly – 2 points
  • Seth Dubrosky – 2 points
  • Brett Williams – 1 point
  • Ellis Kim – 1 point

Honorable mentions:

  • Barbara Gorka (8th place overall)
  • Polly Jansen (12th place overall)
  • Helen Cheung (15th place overall)
  • Kristina Victoreen (16th place overall)
  • Judy Broadley (17th place overall) – She beat Noah A!!!

Week 2 Photos: