The Wanderers traveled to Pennypack Park in Philadelphia’s Great Northeast for the 2nd annual Sloppy Cuckoo half marathon trail run. All the runners came back raving about how good the footing was on the trails and how similar Pennypack is to the Wissahickon, just a little less hilly. The biggest difference is that not nearly as many people use Pennypack as the Wissahickon.

Überendurance Sports, which is related to the Pagoda Pacers, did a super job organizing the race although they could do nothing about the heat. It was hot!! All runners got great t-shirts and carved wooden whistles. The food served was second only to the cuisine at the Wanderers annual track meet.

As far as the performances, the Wanderers produced yet another impressive outing with Jeff Hayes grabbing second place overall out of a field of 166 runners. Here are the Wanderer results:

2) Jeff Hayes 1:29:16
45) Randy Clever 1:59:05 (2nd 60+)
88) The Great One 2:14:56
97) Tammy Leigh Dement 2:17:27
105) Alison Games 2:19:04
148) Ken Evans 2:46:44
151) Amelia van Iwaarden 2:51:32
158) Road Kill 3:07:44

The web site for the race is; with results at


Ken Evans models the Sloppy Cuckoo t-shirt

Pennypack Creek in some places bears an uncanny resemblance to the Wissahickon

The Wanderers pose for team portrait, only missing Jeff Hayes and Road Kill