01 Chestnut Hill Academy hosted the Wanderers One Mile as part of the CHA Relays. The event was organized by coach Paul Hines.
02 Rock does some light stretching before the race. It did not do him much good.
03 Rock Steady, Mike Branca and Chris Moore getting psyched before the race.
04 They’re ready.
05 Mike Branca was flying around the course.
06 Chris Moore set the early pace followed by Luke Tilley and Jeff Harbison.
07 The field starts bunching up as the gun lap sounds. From left, Chris Moore, Luke Tilley and Jeff Harbison.
08 Jeff with a furious finish crosses the finish line first with Luke and Chris following.
09 It’s all over for Rock Steady. Another last place finish.
10 Jeff gets a last second pep talk from Ian before the race. (Photo: Packy Gordon)
11 Luke looks eager for action before the Wanderers One-Miler. (Photo: Packy Gordon)
12 The Pace was fast over the first lap. (Photo: Packy Gordon)
13 Chris is cruising in the middle stages of the race. (Photo: Packy Gordon)
14 During the middle stages of the race, Chris, Luke and Jeff were going neck in neck. (Photo: Packy Gordon)
15 Rocks’ body language says where’s the finish line. (Photo: Packy Gordon)
16 Jeff’s finishing kick demolished the field. (Photo: Packy Gordon)