01 The Mellon Bank building, all 53 stories of it.
02 This is what the Mellon Bank building looked like to the Wanderers.
03 The wanderers had to take on Superman one more time in the stair climb. In the fall, they had beaten Superman at both the New York and Philly marathons.
04 Mike Branca gets ready for action.
05 Bob and Rock exude quiet confidence before the stair climb.
06 Bob is all smiles on the second floor of the race.
07 Bob takes the break that refreshes at the water stop on floor 16.
08 Bob is still smiling on floor number 30.
09 Bob is not looking so good as he hits floor 42.
10 Bob crosses the finish line on floor 53.
11 Rock shows good form during early stages of the race.
12 Rock enjoys the penthouse accomodations on the 53rd floor.