1 Wanderers were brimming with confidence as they display club colors before the Broad Street run. From left, Beth Johnson, Amanda Rice, Wet Hen, Rock Steady and Blue Ridge Queen.
2 Beth does some light stretching while waiting for the subway taking the Wanderers and other competitors to the Broad Street start line.
3 Tad Sperry accepting the concession handshake of a competitorÖbefore the Broad Street Run.
4 “Hey, wouldn’t it be easier to just compete in next year’s Broad Street Run by subway, ” Wanderers’ running star Beth Johnston tells Amanda Rice on trip up to the starting line.
5 Surveillance cameras caught The Hen (center) on a recruiting drive for the Wanderers’ splinter group talking with the Blue Ridge Queen and Amanda Rice.
6 The discussion overheard between Beth Johnston and Janet Siegel after the Broad Street Run “We smoked the guys! ”
7 Beth Johnston, Sid Siegel and Scott Quitel evaluate race performance after Broad Street Run.