Joel Alberts’ running resume includes two victories in the Chestnut Hill Cross Country Classic.  On September 10, the Phil-Mont Christian Academy track/cross country coach was denied a hat trick of victories in the event and had to settle for second place. 

But that seemed to be O.K. for Joel because the victor was one of his former athletes, Andrew Maienshein.

Andrew, who has been attending Geneva College in Western Pennsylvania, finished in 16:50, almost 15 seconds ahead of Joel Alberts.  Joel Degroot-Lutzner and Jasper Anderson, both runners at Masterman High School, finished third and fourth followed by the Wanderers’ Phil Ranly in 18:45. 

Laurie Smith was the top women’s finisher in 21:02.  Other meet regulars who excelled at the cross country race were Tom Jennings from the Ambler Running Club who finished in 21:18 and Bruce Gilbert, a veteran and accomplished masters runner, who was timed in 27:21.

The Chestnut Hill Classic is put on by the Wanderers in conjunction with Chestnut Hill Academy.  Lola and Mel did their usual outstanding job at the registration table.

Conditions for the race, which has often been beset by heavy rains or intense heat, were just about perfect, overcast and temperatures in the 70’s.

Race Results

Andrew Maienshein 16:50   Olivia Byron 24:56 Springside
Joel Alberts 17:04   Tyler Porfirio 25:14 VFMA
Julian Degroot-Lutzner 18:01 Masterman   Scott Salisbury 25:24 CHA
Jasper Anderson 18:02 Masterman   Brittany Belo 25:31 EA
Philip Ranly 18:45   Jenifer Ailva 25:52 Springside
Leonard Wainstein 19:15 Masterman   Eunice Tu 25:54 EA
Faisal Khaled 19:25 Masterman   Meghan McManus 26:03 EA
Zac Endter 19:57 Springfield   Chloe Vadot 26:30 EA
Jerry Iannacci 20:19   Kevin Feeley 27:03 Masterman
David Eapen 20:43 Masterman   Bruce Gilbert 27:21
Wyatt Saint Clair 20:44 Masterman   Devon Singmaster 27:24 GA
Laurie Smith 21:02   Lauren Altman 27:44 GA
Mark Frazza 21:05   Kate Holland 27:53 EA
Tom Jennings 21:18   Darine Megerian 29:18 EA
George Kunkel 22:49 CHA   Jackie Lawler 31:22 GA
James Yan 22:55 Masterman   Kathleen O’Reilly 32:04 EA
Wyn Race 23:39 CHA   Amirah Lewis 34:23 Springside
Katherine Hons 24:23 EA        


Race photos