01 Rock looks to be struggling…and the race is only four miles old.
02 No Wanderers Need Apply!…That’s the message at this Santa Barbara mansion passed by our stalwart runners.
03 Snake checks out the goodies bag spotted out on the course.
04 Our \”Go To\” guy half way through the run was Juan at the Mobil station on Cabrillo Street. Here he supplies excellent support for Rock. Pieman could pick up some valuable tips here.
05 Snake Bite checks out directions during the run. With a few wrong turns the marathon was turned into an ultra.
06 Even Abe Lincoln came out to cheer the Wanderers on!
07 Snake Bite stops for a chat with Mike Farmery of the Thames River Hare and Hounds Club of England. during the last half of the run. Look for Mike to be performing at either the London Green Belt relay or the Welsh Castles relay this spring.
08 Snake Bite makes a new friend in the Pug Dexter during the run.
09 Rock takes a break to enjoy a view over the Pacific.
10 Rock snuck in a little Christmas shopping during the ultra.
11 With Rock on the ropes, Snake starts her victory jig midway through the race.
12 Another supporter who came out to watch the Peace Pipe Ultra.
13 Peace.