01 Matt just ripped up the course going out at mile 18…
02 …and coming back at mile 22.
03 Bob Alig fuels up for the last four miles.
04 Susan makes it look easy at the 22 mile mark.
05 Scott was in tremendous form at the marathon.
06 Megan prepares with a cup of water for the final assault on the marathon.
07 The Beast explains the benefits of her incredible No-Training Program for Marathon Success.
08 Then the Beast rolls up her sleeves for the final four miles.
09 Bob gives his traditional marathon victory salute.
10 Chris is looking strong at mile 18…
11 …and then strips down for action on mile 22.
12 Jeff starts picking up the pace for the final four miles…
13 …and then races right by the cameras.
14 Snake Bite gets words of encouragement from Archye at the Water Table.
15 Sydney Stafford was all business at the Water Stop.
16 Pam and Heidi Zisselman and Rachael Garnick show perfect technique at the water stop.
17 The Bike Addicts arrived just in the nick of time when the runners started pouring in.
18 Paul Molino from Bike Addicts staffed the Water Stop and was an inspiration for Wanderer runners.
19 And don’t forget Bin Reuter’s great performance. First he staffed the water table and then proceeded to Lincoln Field to cheer the Eagles on to victory.
20 Bill Spaide was recruited for the water table and was superb at logistics.
21 Randi Garnick with her almost three year-old-son David double-teamed the runners out at the Water Stop.