Clyde (formerly Rufus), injured and malnourished, crossed paths with Susan and Susannah when he limped in front of their car in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia about one month ago. Stopping in the middle of the street, Susannah jumped out of the car to save him from the speeding cars.


Clyde was in bad shape. A trip to the vet revealed that he was 15 pounds underweight, had parasites, and suffered from a displaced hip, a significant injury that would require surgery.


For the past few weeks, Susan, Susannah and their friends and family have helped Clyde return to good health with the goal of getting him adopted. Last week, Clyde was neutered and underwent surgery to repair his injured hip.

Susan and Suzannah are hoping to raise some relief money through the Clyde Fund to offset the cost of the $1,300 surgery.

They believe it was money well spent on such a sweet and affectionate dog. If you’re interested in donating money to the Clyde Fund, or can assist in finding a suitable home for Clyde, we will be introducing him at the start/end of the Wanderer’s Thursday night trail run at the Valley Green Inn.

Clyde is an 11-month old brindle American Pit Bull Terrier. He is good with children. Clyde isn’t the biggest fan of cats and would be best suited in a home without small animals. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.